Andy Ho Sales Representative

It's time to move and Andy Ho is going to help you make it happen. Before he starts, though, he's got some questions. They're about you.
Why does Andy want to get to know you? It's not just because he's a great guy (did we mention friendly and low-key?). Andy knows that your time is valuable. That's why he needs to understand some key issues. What are you looking for? What can you absolutely not live without? What factors have you not even considered yet? 

Andy knows that spending a little extra time up front means saving his clients countless hours down the road. It means providing them with what they're looking for; quickly, directly and effectively. 
Andy's results speak for themselves. Never mind accolades like Master Sales Award ('07/'08), President's Gold Award ('09/'10/'13/'16)Director's Platinum Award ('11/'12/'14/'15/'17), Diamond Award (2018) he's got a long list of incredibly satisfied clients. How does he know they're happy with his work? Because, when it's time for their next move, he's the one they ca