5 Backyard Features Home Buyers Want

By: Andy Ho

5 Backyard Features Home Buyers Want

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Thinking of selling your home in the summer? Many families look for a backyard that can accommodate an area for their children, but also a place of relaxation and for entertaining. Do you know what appeals to a buyer? Also does your backyard have what buyers are looking for? If not we have 5 suggestions for you.

Here are our 5 suggestions:

Everyone wants a backyard that is closed in. No homeowner wants to feel like their neighbours behind them are starring into their windows. They want to be able to keep their curtains open and windows wide open at night and during the day. Fences, and bushes can help provide privacy.

Backyard Gardens
Today many home buyers are growing more than just flowers in their backyards. The new trend right now is growing food. You can find gardens filled with herbs, and vegetables. This shows pride of ownership and as well showing that they want to provide meals by growing and using what they have right from their own backyard. Apple trees are common and create a beautiful view when the trees are in bloom in the spring. During harvest season, homemade pies and tarts can be made with these fruits right from your backyard.

Backyard Nooks
Your backyard is a place you want to come home to after work and have a glass of wine, and read a book. The best features you can find in a backyard are hammocks, outdoor rugs made of natural fibers, wildflowers, and water features.

Backyard Resorts
It’s known that many home buyers wont buy a home because the home has a pool. Many families feel it’s too much of an up keep. Hot tubs are more common. There are other items that can make a backyard feel like an escape, fire pits, gazebos, and multi-tiered decks can create this desired resort look. Creating a space that feels like a getaway where you wont feel like you need to go on a vacation every summer.

Outdoor Play Area
Don’t forget about the kids, you also want the space to be suitable and fun for your children. Adding basketball nets, pools, horseshoe pits, and a spot for badminton net. With technology, and children getting less exercise in school, this gets your kids out to play after school and on the weekends. This will also create a great space for big family BBQs.

Consider these 5 suggestions, not everyone has the money to make all these happens. But if you work on it, and buy a few things at a time to add to your backyard space you will really start to see it come together over time.