9 Ideas to Help Refresh Your Tired Bathroom

By: Andy Ho

9 Ideas to Help Refresh Your Tired Bathroom

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Does your bathroom feel outdated? But not sure if you have it in the budget to remodel? Since bathrooms are the smallest room in the home, any little touch up can help freshen it up. We have nine easy and affordable ideas to help make your bathroom brand new again.

The easiest way to organize everything on your counter-top is to place it on a tray. This helps make your space look more organized. Try looking into getting an accent colour to help accentuate the bathroom colour palette. Avoid wood trays on marble counter-tops to help prevent stains.

Get creative with your toilet paper holder. Try adding a DIY touch by creating your own. The cheap metal or spring loaded are boring, make these small items in your bathroom stand out.

Don’t be afraid to bring in furniture you already have. Bathrooms don’t always have to be standard vanities and towel bars. Find creative ways to store items, such as wire baskets to hold toilet paper and bathroom stools to hold books and candles.

Play around with colours, remember nothing is permanent. You wouldn’t believe the colours that look amazing together. Bright blues, yellows and greys seem to be the most popular. Remember your bathroom should be you. Be creative.

Mirrors can be expensive to replace. If you have a large mirror maybe try placing a frame around it to make it more appealing. Depending on what your colour theme is, consider painting the frame.

If your bathroom is a smaller space. Keep everything off the ground and place it where eyes will see it first. Floating shelves are great and can hold many items.

Use textiles to help soften up harder surfaces or surfaces that seem “blah.” Find a shower curtain and a bath matt that will take your space to a whole new level.

What do you prefer, towel bars or towel hooks? I prefer hooks, they take up less wall space. Find hooks that will easily fit right into your theme.

If your someone who thought of hanging art in their bathroom but are afraid steam and humidity might ruin your art pieces. Then find a shower curtain that really stands out. There are many different shower curtains that you can find that will make your space a little more upbeat.