Want a Beautiful Garden? Follow These 6 Trends

By: Andy Ho

Want a Beautiful Garden? Follow These 6 Trends

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What do your picture when it comes to a beautiful garden? Is it a garden gnome in the corner, or do you prefer a full cascading waterfall garden?

Asian Influence
Very trendy garden corners are meditation gardens, Zen gardens and shinrin-yoka (forest bathing) are a few gardens that have become very popular this year. The concept is to achieve mindfulness, and by drawing the eye toward a garden focal point, this is could be a resting pond for example. Many of these garden spaces include a bench or seating areas in a quiet section of the yard. Display water accents to create a Zen zone.

Bathroom Plants
You wouldn’t think to place any type of greenery here. But the bathroom us a haven for humidity- seeking plants that will love steam after a long shower. Look for plants that prefer light and love humidity. Some of these plants include orchids, begonias, the peace lily, snake plant, air plants, lucky bamboo plants and Chinese Evergreen.

Clean Air
Plants that refresh your home’s air do double duty. They add beauty, but they also enhance your living space. Look for plants that are okay in low-light and don’t mind dry spells. The peace lily is a good example but beware these plants are poisonous to children, small dogs and cars. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema), Snake Plant and Ficus are a few others that would work.

Water Features
This is a huge trend. The sound of water is so soothing. The visual aspect makes it even better. You can start by looking for a simple stand-alone fountain, to a larger reflection pond. These pieces can enhance your space by making it peaceful.
Let It Grow
You can find native plans that will self-seed and come back strong in the coming years. Some of these include trillium, datura, maximilian sunflowers, black-eyed Susan, fall aster, purple coneflower, milkweed and goldenrod. These are perfect because they can grow in thick where it can prevent weeds and will result in an annual wall of colour with a long-term effort.

You probably see these often in displays in stores. Succulents love bright, hot areas and they need minimal water. They look great along sidewalks and can easily brighten up your winter interior. A few succulents that can survive our Ontario winters outdoors include sedum, sempervivum, jovibarba, orostachys, rosularia and saxifraga.